psychedelic t-shirt

  A hundred years ago, the term “psychedelic t-shirt” was not even in the dictionary, and people frequently wore fancy dresses and suits. Today, you’re a lot more likely to see somebody walking down the road in a “That’s What She Said” psychedelic t-shirt than someone in a three-piece suit with a high hat. So what happened along the way? 1900: In the Beginning Around the turn of the 20th century, the psychedelic t-shirt was released as a lightweight item for laborers in hot weather conditions.


Even the US Navy and Army both made a standard psychedelic t-shirt part of the uniform by World War I. Soldiers and sailors may function in their psychedelic t-shirts without getting their full uniforms dirty. Their presence in Europe helped make the psychedelic t-shirt a global phenomenon. After World War I, all the way through the Great Depression, the psychedelic t-shirt continued to disperse among laborers and farm employees because it was such a convenient piece of clothing. 1950: Psychedelic t-shirts Become Cool After World War II is where psychedelic t-shirts really begin to shine. Needless to say, Hollywood is at least partly to blame. Thanks to celebrities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, who wore bare psychedelic t-shirts (gasp!) In big movies from the 1950s, the psychedelic t-shirt became a symbol of teenaged rebellion. Therefore, if you like to stick it with your lame parents in the 1950s, then you put on a plain white psychedelic t-shirt and led to the door.

You daredevil! 1960: Matters Get Radical Psychedelic t-shirts removed from there. From the 1960s, individuals decided that routine white psychedelic t-shirts were sort of dull, so they began printing messages on them and making them tie-dye. And that opened up a completely new psychedelic world, dude. Psychedelic t-shirts became a new way of expressing yourself and your own opinions. 2011: Psychedelic t-shirts Forever Pretty soon more people were picking up on this new amazing way to make a statement.

The free market went to function, and there was a sudden, enormous proliferation of psychedelic t-shirts. Music fans buy psychedelic t-shirts of their favourite bands. Activists wear psychedelic t-shirts with political messages. People buy psychedelic t-shirts from their favorite movies. Tourists bring back psychedelic t-shirts in places they visit. Thanks to the Internet, people buy shirts with random funny sayings on them. And in the event that you still can’t locate a psychedelic t-shirt that interests you, then you may also create your own custom made psychedelic t-shirt – whatever you can imagine! The Future Maybe in just two hundred years we’ll all be wearing funky jumpsuits like in The Jetsons or Star Trek…but for now, psychedelic t-shirts rule the entire world! That is a brief overview of why you are likely wearing a psychedelic t-shirt right now. You might even be wearing two psychedelic t-shirts, one in addition to another (the world record, in case you are counting, is 224 at once).


So now you know the real motives that guy beside you is wearing a “Chuck Norris Forecast: Cloudy With a 90 percent Chance of Anxiety” psychedelic t-shirt! Check out for a fantastic choice of trendy psychedelic t-shirts, from vintage and funny psychedelic t-shirts to movie and band psychedelic t-shirts, and everything in between.

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