Time Zone Calculator

Today, many of us work with clients, vendors and colleagues located so far that the knowledge of their local time is an absolute must for arranging calls, teleconferences, making payments and setting deadlines. This freeware calculator will be especially appreciated by sales and project managers, support teams and other professionals communicating with various people across the globe. Our calculator has an extremely simple and self-explanatory interface. You can select the base time zone and a remote location you are interested in and instantly calculate the current time there. This calculator also has two buttons that enable you to use noon and midnight as the reference time, which can give you a quick idea about the time in a different location relative to the main points of the day. This time zone converter also calculates the time difference between locations and takes the Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules into account during calculations. For hassle-free and fast calculation of time in world time zones, choose nothing but this calculator – it’s freeware, it’s a snap to use and it instantly produces accurate results for any location in the world!

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